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From lobbies to board rooms to facades, we can provide you with the right solution for your project to enhance the experiences of your employees’ and clients. 

110 High Street, Boston, MA
575 Fifth Avenue Lobby, NYC
80 mm Mesh YouTube Office, San Francisco

 “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” 

~ Charles Eames 

 Featured Photo: 88 Kearny Street 

Photos from Left to Right: 

-110 High Street 

-575 Fifth Avenue 

-Corporate Building 

 The latest trend to take over the corporate world has been the reimagining and evolution of corporate spaces. Inspired by two-years of starts and stops over the pandemic, an emergence of dynamic design within the office has not only exploded in popularity, but more importantly, in equity. 

As corporate forecasts see remote work as a new option for employees, corporate spaces need to be redefined to enhance the future of the human experience. Ultimately, health, wellness, convenience and attractiveness will attract the talent employers and companies are looking for as well as increase the overall value of the space. 

The end result is a fully functional, creative space that attracts the best talent and investors to your building, giving it the competitive edge your company needs to boost equity and growth throughout the years. 

trends for 2022

The workplace experience has durastically changed from what it was 10 years ago. With a fundamental shift in how and where work happens, organizations and developers want to know how to develop their real estate. 

The tenant/employee experience will ultimately define the value of the workspace. New trends focusing on user-experience is shifting the office into a destination, rather than an obligation. The best talents want to work for a company that reflects their values - especially in social and economic manner. That means things like environmental impact, sustainability, and flexibility are amongst the most important factors a developer should consider. 


Adding technological design is no longer optional, but a necessity in today’s commercial real estate market. The “destination” aspect of the workplace translates to creating experiences employees cannot enjoy working remotely, making the office more attractive. Top-performance companies understand the need and power of physical environments to motivate and position their employees to thrive, along with driving creativity and innovation. 


Planning commercial renovations and new construction will gain the most equity and value when utilizing creative technological design that adds value to the tenant’s experience.

Image by USGS

Trend 01

Climate Action

Planning for the future is a large part of new industry standards, attracting more talent and interest toward sustainable practices. 

Image by Suzi Kim

Trend 02

Flexibility & Convenience

Diversity in retail and commerce spaces allows convenience for tenants to spend more time doing and less time planning - driving equity up in the process. 

Image by Joes Valentine

Trend 03

Innovation Sync

A focused plan on how buildings interact with surrounding community creates new synergy to drive growth and opportunity. 

Read more about our commitment to sustainability

Hudson Yards - Point 72 - hero web image.jpg

Outside Display: 1.8mm convex curved display 

Inside Display: 1.2mm concave broadcast quality display. 


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