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Corporate Headquarters - San Francisco

Sometimes, bigger is better. At least according to this recognizable tech giant located in San Francisco.


San Francisco, California




80mm Mesh

Corporate Headquarters - San Francisco

In San Francisco, California, an internet tech giant found itself with a lobby that didn't reflect the core beliefs and values that their brand identity was based on. Because of the nature of their business, a large video wall made sense, but the challenge was to avoid obvious themes and create a timeless design.

The aim of the design was to reflect the integration of technology into our daily lives. Instead of opting for a high resolution LED video display wall, the lobby was treated as an art piece - one that celebrates each individual pixel. The floor-to-ceiling installation is comprised of a custom 80mm pixel mesh set behind a fabric diffusion.

The diffusion not only adds a layer of ephemeral glow to the LED display, but also helps absorb the sound within the lobby, further giving it an intimate and inviting feel.

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