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When it comes to building broadcast quality displays, there is no room for cutting corners and sacrificing quality and dependability. 

ABC News Live Washington D.C.
Tamron Hall Studio NY
NYSE Bell Ring Platform LED

 “People are hungry for messages of hope and life. What are you broadcasting?” 

~Morgan Brittany

 Featured Photo: ABC News 2020

Photos from Left to Right: 

-ABC News Live

-Tamron Hall

-NYSE Bell Ring Platform

 Our clients trust our fine pitch display solutions to perform when it matters most on live TV, in the boardroom or in security control rooms. With industry-leading image quality supported by high refresh rates, high greyscale levels, superior contrast, and a wide color gamut, our products are ready to get any job done. 

With new streaming and digital technologies the need is clear for more sound stages and studios. These mediums are actually on the rise with the application of niche markets tuning in for audience specific entertainment. 

Regardless of television or digital broadcasting, the idea of a camera and a screen still remains. The difference between now and then is the evolution of technology to effectively reach an audience with content and information. 


Display Parameters: 1.5mm

Curved Display with Columns


What to Expect in Broadcast 

When it comes to broadcast studio’s, it’s all about the audience. Not merely the audience in the studio, but also the audience at home. Making in image look great for both these audiences – especially on camera – requires ‘detailed engineering’ with regard to picture quality. 

Factors to be taken into account are latency (i.e; the time difference between the reality and when the image is shown on display), adjustable and accurate color reproduction, refresh and display processor settings for the backdrop screen to reduce and or completely remove banding effects, gray scale accuracy and higher bit-depths to cope with the audience’s expectations and especially create exceptional visual experiences. 


The way in which LED content appears on camera makes a BIG difference in how the audience views and processes the message. The more interference with visual effects, the less the message is received.

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Trend 01

User Connection

Connecting with your audience on platforms they use has become increasingly more popular. Proper content coding is important to consider for uploading to different platforms. 


Trend 02

Mobile & Streaming

Expanding 5G networks will allow for higher data delivery. Latency and resolution will be factors in how well broadcast content will present. 

Image by Mikita Yo

Trend 03

Quality of Message

With increasing competition on internet platforms, clear and focused delivery is the basis for quality content. 

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