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CBS Sports Broadcast Studio

CBS Sports Interactive serves as a segment that focuses on online sports-related content.


Hartford, Connecticut


Fuse TG



CBS Sports Broadcast Studio

CBS Sports Interactive serves as a segment within CBS Corporation that focuses on digital media and online sports-related content. They're known for their coverage of various sports events, news, and analysis through their website, mobile apps, and streaming platforms.

In collaboration with FUSE Technical Group, the services of DetaiLED™ were enlisted to oversee the installation of cutting-edge LED displays within a new interactive broadcast studio developed for CBS Sports Interactive. The project's specifications were strategically aligned with the streaming market.

To create the streaming studio, the client required a large volume of fine pitch & custom curved displays. One of the more challenging aspects to broadcasting LED displays is a tendency for flicker, inconsistent contrasts, and poor resolution.

In addition to that, curved LED displays present many challenges between pixel uniformity, manufacturing complexity, calibration, and content mapping. Maintaining consistent image quality across various viewing angles is essential, especially in large studios where the audience or camera positions may vary widely.

Leveraging their extensive expertise in custom design and specialized curved display solutions, DetaiLED™ demonstrated their exceptional skill by successfully conceptualizing and fabricating the LED panels that formed the studio's stage backdrop.

Recognizing the unique demands of broadcast and streaming domains, DetaiLED™ made a strategic choice by employing their cutting-edge 1.8mm DTLD products. These products are distinguished by their high-resolution attributes, proved to be the ideal canvas for rendering a seamless and continuous expanse of captivating visual content.

The fusion of DetaiLED™'s advanced technology with their design finesse resulted in a masterfully orchestrated display, where the individual elements of the LED panels converged harmoniously to create a visual spectacle of unparalleled caliber. This meticulously crafted backdrop not only served as a central focal point but also functioned as an instrumental asset in the studio's pursuit of delivering diverse and captivating content to a wide-reaching audience.

By artfully combining their expertise in custom design, their proficiency in curved displays, and the strategic integration of high-resolution LED panels, DetaiLED™ not only met but exceeded the exacting standards demanded by the dynamic landscape of broadcast and streaming. Since its installation, the displays have been used in countless various ways for studio settings, proving to be a masterful tool and resource for the client.

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