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 The Future of Outdoor Advertising Lies within Digital LED Displays.

 LEDs are the most energy efficient light on the market by far, they have the longest lifespan by 2-10 times over the nearest competing technology, and they produce a very high quality light with a wide range of characteristics. 

When building an outdoor LED display, it’s important to take into consideration all the unique factors for each location - such as natural light, temperature, moisture, and accessibility. 

Through utilizing a wide range of products and pixel pitches, our outdoor solutions are able to account for these variables without the client having to sacrifice display quality. Our outdoor solutions focus on key features such as high brightness, rear and front maintenance capabilities, remote monitoring and IP65 weatherproofing. 

Outdoor LED Display

In the past decade, outdoor and out-of-home advertising has exponetially grown with the rapid replacement of traditional billboards by dynamic technology designed to capture the eye’s attention. 

Aside from competiting with other brands and products, outdoor LED signage also competes with direct sunlight and natural elements such as wind and rain. Our outdoor displays are rated starting at 5000 nits to compete with outside light, as well as includes IP65+ weatherproofing to keep electronics safe from water or wind damage. 


We also focus on ease of maintenance and service for all our products. Depending on the type of installation, we offer rear and/or front access products to make maintenance easy. Every location is different and to compensate for unknown factors our outdoor solutions also aims for remote monitoring to ensure no disruption to content. 


Location plays a big factor into how an LED display will handle the outdoors, but fortunately, we can circumvent these concerns by focusing on quality LED products that perform in all conditions.

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Large & Impactful

Because more and more brands are using outdoor digital advertising, the need to stand out and stay in mind is key. 

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Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO)

LED panels and displays that can handle custom content and colors will stand out against the competition. 

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Multi-Functional Design

Create dynamic displays by mixing and matching products. Create a multi-functional display that caters to more than just pictures.  

Learn why HQ LED products matter 


Display Parameters: 

126 x 25 ft with Etched Diffusioan Glass 

10mm Outdoor Display with 80mm Mesh leading into 3.9mm Indoor Display 


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