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Custom Solutions
& Design

 You have a grand vision for a unique display experience and we have the creative solutions to bring that vision to life. 

Digital LED column ESI design wells fargo denver
Hudson Yards Point 72 manhattan new york city corporate office touchscreen LED
Hilton Innovation Gallery conference space

 “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.” 

— Albert Einstein 


 We believe that a design should not be hampered by the boundaries of technology but that the technology should be utilized to fit your vision. 

Need drawings, display specs or can’t figure out a technical issue? Lean on our experts to help. In addition to being LED technology suppliers, we support your project with CAD, design and customization when needed or required. From hardware supply to turn-key. 

From spheres to logos to interactive touch screen tables, our team has the experience and imagination to transform your project into a reality. 


Display Parameters: 1.8mm & 4mm Indoor/8mm Outdoor

Full customized LED display for casino screens.

Curved display for outside.

Custom Solutions

When our clients hear DetaiLED®, they immediately know their project is in good hands. With our team of professionals, we find solutions to bring your creative ideas to life. With over 100 years of combined experience, each of our engineers brings something unique to the table to create state-of-the-art and award winning designs. 

Our experts are available to produce drawings, specs, and work through technical issues. We support your team with CAD designs and other documents to help progress your project forward. We get your team started from design to supply in a one-stop solution. A DetaiLED® Solution. 

Custom LED Touch Table.png

Featured Above

  • Custom Fabricated Table with Hydraulic Lifts to service LED Panels 

  • 400+ MicroLED modules with 90 standard LED tiles 

  • Camera Integration to create interative “Touch” screen


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Mix n Match Products

Mix and Match LED projects to create immersive experiences. From ceilings to walls to flooring - we can design what you imagine.

Floating Shapes_edited.jpg

Trend 02

Unconventional Shapes

Using custom ratios for content, choose unusual 2D and 3D shapes including spherical and conical designs. Use products with different panel sizes to create something different. 


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Think Outside the Rectangle

Touchscreens, interactive displays, and more - DetaiLED® designers and techs are here to help you bring your idea into reality. 

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