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Corporate Lobby - Denver

A 52-story, Class A office tower commanding an iconic presence on the Denver skyline.


Denver, Colorado





Corporate Lobby - Denver

Known for its distinctive double-curved crown and red granite, the building offers spectacular views of the city and Rocky Mountain Front Range while providing direct access to major transportation routes. Large floor plates offer flexible layouts for all tenants and on-site amenities maximize workplace convenience.

The atrium features a wall of five 8-story LED columns that, when viewed together, create one epic canvas. The resulting design transforms and modernizes the space while respecting the original building design. The monolithic screens display media inspired by the Mile High City’s natural wonders. Looking at the screens is like looking through slats in a fence to the landscape beyond.

DetaiLED® worked alongside ESI Design, providing and installing LED panels and products that would fit the concept. The result is a stunning, cohesive installation capable of realtime updates and inspiration.

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