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Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is New York’s newest neighborhood and home to offices for leaders in industry, significant public art and dynamic cultural institutions.


New York City, New York




1.2mm & 1.8mm

Hudson Yards

DetaiLED® Solutions was tasked with creating a one of a kind LED experience to serve as the centerpiece of a new 8-story office within Hudson Yards. ​ Together with Tad. our team wrapped three sides of a conference room with a double-sided LED wall.

The outside of the "Experience Room" features a convex 1.8mm curved display. The inside features a concave 1.2mm broadcast-quality display. The end result is a functional conference room perfect for entertaining clients as well as hosting guest speakers. In addition, we built a custom fabricated 1.8mm interactive touch screen LED table that was commissioned to wow clients as they first walk into the office.

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