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Times Square Donut Ticker

Tick, Tick, Tick. These conveyor belt doughnuts are moving from my eyes to my tummy!


Times Square, New York





Times Square Donut Ticker

When it comes to custom, there is no better competition. This donut mogul needed a unique design concept that reflected the reliability and nostalgia of the brand. The idea of bringing the on-site production to the outside facade of the building is a concept that resonates with anyone who sees the iconic donut line.

DetaiLED® was brought in to supply and install a custom curved 5mm LED doughnut conveyor belt. The products used are designed to perform in a wide range of environmental conditions including rain, snow, high humidity, and pollution. 

Being in the middle of Times Square, NYC, NY also presented a challenge that DetaiLED® is known for handling. The high traffic of the site brings millions of consumers every day, making this display too important for error. DetaiLED® provided mission critical LED panels, intentionally withstanding all the elements of outdoor use.

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