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Washington DC News Studio

Live from Washington, D.C. it's DetaiLED® Solutions.


Washington D.C.




1.8mm & 2.9mm

Washington DC News Studio

When it comes to mission critical LED products for broadcast, DetaiLED® is the #1 choice. Without fail, our products are trusted on even the most prominent television news studios delivering national updates to the country.

DetaiLED® used three different products for this studio renovation project - Diamond 1.8, Pearl 1.8 for the curved display, and Apex 2.9 for the columns. The result was a stunning creation of a fully LED backdrop display with continuous, broadcast quality content.

With the versatility of switching from one television program to the next, this studio has the capability of creating indefinite versions of news programs to cater to any audience, adding immesurable value to the set.

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