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Hudson Yards Headquarters

For this private client, immersive AV applications demonstrate commitment to a Digital Experience


New York City, New York


TAD & Gensler


1.2mm/2.6mm 4.8mm/31.25mm

Hudson Yards Headquarters

This private client's Hudson Yards headquarters boasts an array of reactive AV installations, seamlessly integrated into the architecture and construction of the space. Working closely with specialty integration teams, DetaiLED provided custom made LED displays, resulting in a truly unique digital experience spanning three floors of office space.

One notable feature is the interior of the feature staircase, where curved LEDs behind uniformed curved glass create a visually stunning effect. As individuals move between floors, sensors trigger dynamic content that flows around them, creating an interactive and immersive experience. Additionally, upon reaching the 48th floor elevator lobby, VIP visitors are greeted by a ceiling adorned with programmable LED, resembling a skylight. This captivating feature sets the stage for a large-scale, curved LED wall on the same floor, serving as an interactive brand showcase for the firm.

The network configuration for this project was meticulously designed by TAD. Our team ensured that video content can be seamlessly distributed and coordinated across all 14 client-occupied floors without interuption.

All DetaiLED™ projects are made to order. We provided plans, drawings, and engineering schematics to our partners to ensure the best fit and best quality products were used for this design.

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