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T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Las Vegas, NV. Opened in 2016, it is the home arena of the Vegas Golden Knights.


Las Vegas, Nevada





T-Mobile Arena

The installation at the T-Mobile Arena was a single display LED wall, built over 7 ft off the floor. DetaiLED™ was asked to put up a 20ft wide LED display that would be mounted on the wall above a merchant booth for the arena.

Inside the arena, encompassing the entertainment floor, the halls where guests venture for refreshments and gear have a curvature to accomodate the oval shape of the arena floor. Because of the slight curve, mounting a 20 ft display against the wall would prove to be a challenge to the frame and subsequently the modules.

The DetaiLED™ team had to accurately calculate and measure the holes they pre-drilled into the arena floor in order to install the framing properly. Without this important step, the modules might not fit properly together, creating seams throughout the display. With precision, the team was able to ensure a seamless viewing experience and align the panels exactly to create a perfect LED display.

The result is a beautiful display to project arena content and sponsored ads, as well as future contracts within the arena and other properties. The work that our DetaiLED™ team produces is not only of the highest calibur, but also stands the test of time and longevity. Our products are proof of sustanability.

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