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Product Demo Pods

These Experience Centers are interactive and immersive spaces designed for customers and partners to explore innovative solutions.


New York/London/Dubai




1.2mm & 1.5mm

Product Demo Pods

Described as a "play station of sorts," the Experience Centers act as a hub where the company can interact with their audience to show the latest developments in cyber security and other tech offerings.

Visitors engage with demo pods that interact with at least 24 tech products that deal with today's pressing issues - including cyber security. The project was executed over several rollout locations including New York, London, Mexico City, Dubai and more.

DetaiLED® engineered and supplied custom curved displays for each pod. The project has been scaled and installed in offices around the world for this Fortune 100 client. The displays behind the products utilize 1.2mm tiles and the larger screen utilizes 1.5mm tiles.

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