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Corporate Boardroom

White & Case is known as one of the Top 10 law firms in the world by revenue. See this custom boardroom for their NY office.


New York City, New York





Corporate Boardroom

The recipient of several design awards, White & Case's New York office emphasizes collaboration and cutting-edge technology to promote workplace satisfaction, attract better talent, and enhance client service.

Client meetings are held on the 49th floor, which has two flexible multi-purpose rooms for the Firm’s largest gatherings, nine large boardroom-style conference rooms and six small conference rooms—each with the same consistent technology platform.

The LED displays provided by DetaiLED® are 1.8mm pixel pitch, used for town halls, training sessions and client events. As a result, the Firm has seen a huge increase in conference room usage, with clients using rooms for their complex meeting needs including multiparty negotiations, board meetings and arbitration hearings. Altogether, the new office has twice as many conference rooms as the former office, allowing space to support the Firm’s culture of teamwork.

The new office is very popular with our people and clients. And it is providing a blueprint for the future of our offices worldwide. The standard set by the New York office is feeding into global guidelines being developed to make their other offices great workplaces for people and clients.

Detailed® Solutions worked with AVI SPL for White & Case to create their boardroom for client meetings.

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