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Building Lobby - Chicago

Featuring a Circular Ticker, this lobby is found by two neoclassical near-twins guarding the main intersection of Chicago's financial district.


Chicago, Illinois





Building Lobby - Chicago

Working with ESI || NBBJ, this Chicago building features a 104 ft circular LED display. The display features 2.9 mm pixel pitch, allowing for an engaging experience for visitors and occupants alike.

The LED ring that plays local data-driven content, giving the piece a uniquely Chicago flair.

There are five content modes:

  1. “Pulse of Chicago” beautifully visualizes real-time airline traffic in and out of the city.

  2. “Central Standard Clock” artfully renders the current local time.

  3. “World Clock” displays the time in each time zone around the world, with facts about specific cities.

  4. “Building ID” artfully renders the property logo

  5. Custom videos can be scheduled for holidays/events.

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