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575 Fifth Avenue

Located in the heart of Midtown, 575 Fifth captures the energy of the area featuring digital LED screens with custom media, and tenant amenities.


New York City, New York


ESI Design



575 Fifth Avenue

Working with ESI Design, the old lobby of 575 Fifth Avenue, owned by Beacon Capital Partners, was designed about three decades ago for a single tenant. When that tenant moved out, Beacon decided to transform 575 Fifth into an exclusive, professional property for multiple tenants.

Using elegant design, high-end materials and data-driven media, the energy and grandeur of New York City was brought inside. The textured, Bianco Carrera marble wall treatment fuses classical sophistication with energy and movement. A ribbon of LED screens by DetaiLED® wraps the walls and columns, appearing as a horizontal slice taken out of the building that allows tenants to see through the walls and out to the metropolis beyond.

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