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Virtual Production and XR Stages in Corporate Spaces

Hudson Yards, NYC - Interactive Touch Conference Room Double-Sided Display

This past week, DetaiLED® was invited to speak on a panel regarding Virtual Production and XR stages in corporate environments. We shared our thoughts on the development and use of the technology as well as where we see the industry moving.

During the pandemic, we saw a rise in technology evolving and different technologies overlapping, resulted in a significant shift towards digital media. Giving artists and creators the freedom to experiment with various elements to produce captivating content, we saw exciting developments in film and industry, such as XR and LED backdrops in the Disney series The Mandalorian. While the use of technology was widely accepted in the entertainment industry, it also had a considerable impact on corporate spaces as remote work became the new norm. The incorporation of captivating technology, such as XR stages and virtual production, seemed like an appropriate response to bring people back into the workspace, offering them a sense of motivation and invigoration.

Broadcast Studio for News-Full LED display background & desk.

Investing in quality gear, such as LED products, lighting, and cameras, is essential, but equally important are the people who understand the technology and can create a production. XR stages and virtual production require expertise in different components and how to bring them together, something that cannot be handled by a company’s IT department.

The use of XR technology is not limited to C-level executives, however, but extends into many departments and industries such as sales and marketing, HR, law enforcement, military, and architecture. VR and XR are valuable tools for different departments; HR for onboarding & training, Sales and Marketing for product demonstrations & personalized advertisements; Security for safety protocols and procedures; Even legal for representation. Feedback from design and consultancy firm, TAD, highlights a lot of potential for VR and XR, such as virtual runway shows and live-space walk-ins for design and architecture.

"...equally important are the people who understand the technology and can create a production."

Personal devices such as VR headsets provide an immersive experience, allowing people to attend meetings and masterclasses, and even collaborate in real-time. The necessary equipment, team, and quality ensure that the process goes accordingly.

Social distancing protocols created a rise in the use of technology, resulting in companies like Deloitte creating digital workspaces to encourage collaboration, and firms like NDI Newtek using mobile technology in the space. In the long run, the development of technology will depend on its application and use, and as it becomes more common, we’ll see a development of companies specializing in that space. The key takeaway is the combination of creativity and practicality to produce compelling content and useful tools that enhance the user experience.

DetaiLED® Solutions is an LED custom-design and video display supplier that provides our clients with turnkey customized solutions tailored to suit the specific design needs of each project. Our products are custom designed for each project, with the backing of a North-American based technical team that handles the full LED installation project from beginning to end, as well as maintenance and repair.

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