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Corporate Office Trends for 2022

The impact design has is powerful. It can ignite progress, promote equity and resilience, and provide an overall sense of wellbeing for everyone.

As the nation's workforce transitions back to the office, trends since the Covid-19 outbreak have lead to a shift in ideal work environment. According to a study from Gensler in a winter 2021 survey, the majority of workers returning to the office are looking for more private spaces. The shift from physical office locations to work-from-home over the past 2-3 years has changed the way employees view the workplace. Employers need to create purpose and relevance in the office to give workers a reason to return.

For companies looking to lease new office spaces, their top priority will be attracting and keeping the best talent. Employers need to generate a sense of purpose and reason for returning to a physical office space. According to a report from Forbes Magazine, the job market right now is in favor of job seekers rather than employers, making it important for companies to be competitive to engage and retain high performance employees. The employer and office are now brands that must find ways to enhance worker's lives and experiences in physical environments. Each employer is competing with another to win the best talent.

Successful companies know that giving their workers flexibility and valuing their time leads to loyalty that pays back in dollar signs.

The focus of the physical space - whether office, lobby, building, etc.- is to drive engagement, provide purpose, and align with concepts that resonate with people and their communities. Instead of designing for a traditional 9-5 office, more designers and architects are leaning towards how to revolutionize spaces to meet people's needs throughout the day.

As the global community shifts toward an evermore present hybrid economy, office spaces need to provide a fluid space that accommodates an ease of workflow for the employee - meaning, incorporating some form of digital advantage to easily move from one workspace to another. Let's look at the case study of Hudson Yards.


Together with TAD, our team wrapped three sides of a conference room with a double-sided LED wall. The outside of the "Experience Room" features a convex 1.8mm curved display. The inside features a concave 1.2mm broadcast-quality display. The end result is a functional conference room perfect for collaborating with teams, presenting to clients, as well as hosting guest speakers, giving this space a purpose for presence.

In addition, we built a custom fabricated 1.8mm interactive touch screen LED table that was commissioned to wow employees and clients as they first walk into the office.


This custom 80mm pixel mesh in San Francisco, CA is set behind a fabric diffusion. Featured in the headquarters lobby, the displays change throughout the day giving the lobby a dynamic setting from morning until evening.

The space is set up to feel very much like a coffee shop, allowing for creative and collaborative flow. Traditional limitations of prior years in a conference room is now stifling to a new generation trying to innovate immersive concepts and interactive designs. As the world shifts to a more hybrid model of life, the office must evolved as well. Much like the age of the internet, companies and brands that do not embrace technology and new ideas are doomed to become obsolete.

As the current professional environment moves forward, we'll likely see trends of spaces resembling more relaxed and social spaces - attracting top companies and agencies looking to maintain their reputations as a leaders in their respective fields.


It isn't only corporate spaces that are looking for an update. Typically speaking, a $1 Million investment in adding LED technology adds at least 10x (if not more) in property value for that space. As housing/rent prices increase, buyers and renters want the most value for their money.

This space at 221 Main Street (in collaboration with ESI Designs) features three different LED resolutions into a single display. Etched diffusion glass mounted atop the LEDs spreads the light across the entire surface, creating a seamless image. On the inside of the building, the content appearing is from a live RSS feed, displaying weather updates and more in real time.

Our DetaiLED® team works with countless design firms and architects to provide the best quality LED and custom design work. We not only provide and install all our products, but also maintain and repair too. Our company is known for its excellence in custom design LED, as well as our reputation for reliability and availability. Based in North America, our team is comprised of the most knowledgable and experienced technicians in the country.

To learn more about our work, visit to see previous examples of projects our team has accomplished.



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