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Corporate Office - New York City

In 2021, this Corporate Giant in NYC decided to open a new US Headquarters at One Manhattan West.


Hudson Yards, New York




1.2MM, 2.6MM, 4.8MM, & 31.25MM

Corporate Office - New York City

On Manhattan's West Side in Hudson Yards, DetaiLED™ was contracted to design, engineer, and install cutting-edge display technology for a global accounting giant known as being part of the Big Four.

DetaiLED™, a leading provider of advanced LED display solutions, was contracted to spearhead an innovative project for a confidential client situated in the heart of Manhattan's Hudson Yards. This venture marks a significant collaboration between DetaiLED™ and Electrosonic, one of the foremost AV Tech Solutions companies in the industry.

The project involves the implementation of state-of-the-art LED displays, seamlessly integrated into the client's corporate headquarters to enhance the overall environment and communication experience for both guests and employees.

Featured in this cutting-edge installation is a fine-pitched curved display, strategically positioned to captivate attention and communicate vital information. This high-resolution display boasts impeccable color production and clarity, providing an immersive visual experience that reflects the commitment to technological excellence synonymous with both DetaiLED™ and the esteemed client.

The curved display, with its upgraded individual components, ensures that every detail is showcased with unparalleled brilliance. Whether conveying financial data, strategic insights, or corporate messaging, this feature serves as a dynamic centerpiece within the headquarters, elevating the visual landscape of the space.

In a move that seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality, DetaiLED™ also incorporated diffused motion sensor displays on the staircase, intelligently tracking the movement of stairway traffic. This interactive installation not only serves as a visually stunning design element but also provides aesthetic and engaging motions as individuals ascend or descend the stairs.

The diffused displays act as a dynamic canvas, responding to the flow of people and offering a unique journey through the space. This innovative use of technology transforms a seemingly ordinary staircase into an interactive and captivating experience, underscoring the commitment to innovation.

Finally, welcoming guests and employees with sophistication, the fine pitch motion center wall is a showcase of DetaiLED™'s prowess in LED display technology. This central feature incorporates a dynamic RSS feed, providing up-to-the-minute updates, news, and corporate announcements in a visually stunning format.

The fine pitch technology ensures that the display is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, delivering crisp text and vibrant imagery. The motion center wall serves as a focal point, fostering a sense of connectivity and engagement as individuals enter the headquarters.

DetaiLED™'s work with this confidential client in Manhattan's Hudson Yards represents a remarkable convergence of technology and visionary design. Through the integration of fine-pitched curved displays, motion sensor installations, and a dynamic RSS feed feature, the project stands as a testament to the capacity of LED display technology to transform corporate spaces into immersive and interactive environments.

As this pioneering installation continues to redefine the landscape of corporate landscapes, it reaffirms DetaiLED™'s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards in the world of LED displays. The technology partnership with Electrosonic underscores the universal appeal and applicability of these advanced display solutions in diverse industries.

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