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Baylor University Hurd Welcome Center

The Mark & Paula Hurd Welcome Center acts as a front door to the university.


Waco, Texas




1.8mm & 4mm

Baylor University Hurd Welcome Center

Baylor University receives roughly 60,000 guests each year from prospective students and their families to alumni and speakers. The Mark & Paula Hurd Welcome Center acts as a front door to the university for those who want to further explore Baylor’s academic and extracurricular programs. For this project, Baylor University wanted to use unique geometric displays to give new students a big welcome on their journey.

DetaiLED™ was tasked to create a large curved display wall, ceiling dome, and spiral display for the Welcome Center. The displays help show new and prospective students into their future and help them see the experiences that await them on their college adventure.

For this project, the big challenge was to build a dome display mounted on the ceiling and a suspended spiral display. A curved LED display presents several challenges between pixel uniformity, manufacturing complexity, calibration, and content mapping.

The dome display faced additional challenges being in direct sunlight, which washed out the display from that angle. Adjustments had to be made in order to compensate for the lack of visibility.

The spiral display had to be mapped properly in order for the content to flow correctly, which meant the direction and geometry of the spiral had to be exact. DetaiLED™ worked very closely with content partners to ensure the right flow of content.

DetaiLED™ was able to produce the exact shapes and orientations of the particular designs for Baylor University’s Welcome Center. The spiral display had a custom made design in which the LED PCBs were fabricated with a tilt towards the floor to improve the viewing experience from below. The product for the spiral display had the precise pixel uniformity and calibration to ensure perfect content viewing and the DetaiLED™ team spent extra time on site and remotely working with the graphics team to properly map the content.

The direct light on the dome was diminished by raising the brightness of the display. DetaiLED™ made sure to escalate the brightness on their LED product to compensate for the direct ambient lighting conditions competing from the outside.

As a result, the Welcome Center is an innovative integration of visual technology that enhances the visitor experience and embodies the institution's commitment to excellence. The installations comprise a series of meticulously designed LED displays strategically positioned throughout the center, contributing to an immersive and informative environment.

Prominently featured within the Welcome Center is a captivating LED video wall, serving as a focal point that seamlessly combines artistry with utility. This video wall, characterized by its high-resolution LED panels, presents a canvas for dynamic multimedia content, captivating visitors with visually engaging presentations, educational materials, and real-time information. The advanced LED technology ensures vibrant colors, sharp contrasts, and impeccable clarity, elevating the overall ambiance of the center.

Collectively, the LED installations at Baylor University's Mark & Paula Hurd Welcome Center reflect a meticulous synthesis of design, technology, and purpose. They embody the university's values of innovation and excellence while providing visitors with a multisensory experience that leaves a lasting impression and reinforces Baylor's position as a forward-thinking institution dedicated to fostering meaningful connections.

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