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LED Business Design Architecture

In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright - "Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

Imagine you wake up for work on a Monday morning, but you don’t have a meeting until 10:30am. You take your time preparing your notes and cleaning yourself up. The moment is approaching - you walk through your office front doors into the lobby. Today is the day. Even the LED Display walls are reflecting your energy. It’s time to get pumped! It’s time to crush it! It’s time to walk through that portal and come out victorious.

This is the power of design.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness." -Frank Gehry

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, nothing has been more abundantly clear than the shift and focus of on-site working to work-from-home. Study after study and in-depth research reveals the pros and cons of having a workforce at home vs. in the office and only one thing is certain - things have changed. So where does this transition period leave us?

It leaves us with opportunity.

Employees are no longer looking to dedicate their lives to a company for little to no benefits for loyalty. The workforce has overwhelmingly shifted from this “Boomer” mentality to a new “Gen Z” attitude in which employees demand the same respect from their employers as expected of them. In this shift, we see 4 key elements of “The New Normal.”

  1. Efficiency

  2. Schedule

  3. Comfort

  4. Freedom

These key factors express what a new, capable workforce is looking for in a job. The idea of clocking in/clocking out, day after day, month after month, year after year is a waking Hell for most people. After all, we were meant to live our lives, not sacrifice it to work, right?

Enter Architectural Design.

While work-from-home may be the new popular trend in workplace dynamics, data suggests separating workers “actually undermine[s] collaboration, teamwork and productivity.” So where does this leave the balance of WFH vs. On-Site work? The key is not to see each as black and white, but to incorporate a flexible spectrum of what works for both the company and the employee. This means updating the office experience to supplement the home office.

In a recent (very unprofessional, just for fun, not-scientifically sanctioned) poll - some insights lent to the idea that a majority of people want their offices to inspire. They are willing to put in the capital to have a creative and relaxing atmosphere in which to work. About 89% of pollers said “The office is meant to inspire,” while a resounding 0% conceded to sacrificing design for a larger profit.

One way to bridge the gap between work-from-home and in-office-work is by creating an environment that competes with the home-office experience. When we break it down, office spaces are competing with:

  • Gas costs

  • Wardrobe comfort

  • Food (lunch) costs

  • Schedule flexibility

  • Lack of micromanagement

  • Office Noise & Distractions

These items are only a tip of the iceberg. To compete, office settings need to create a new environment to nurture productivity. One solution has been to transform office space into “shared stations.”

Instead of renting or buying a ton of corporate space to accommodate hundreds of employees, many businesses opt to reinvest that money into smaller spaces and transform it into a place where employees enjoy gathering for open collaboration and spearheading decisions that would otherwise take 2 weeks to solve on Zoom or Team Meetings.

At DetaiLED® Solutions, our company works with architects and designers to create a vision for your company. We specialize in custom LED displays, LED service and repairs, as well as outdoor and advertising space. Our products and work have been featured and displayed across countless locations across North America - as well as abroad as entertainment displays for cruise lines!

With the falling costs of LED technology, there has never been a better time to revolutionize the work environment. The global pandemic has given us a chance to overhaul the system and make it better. Any company not willing to evolve will ultimately fall to the wayside - the same way many organizations did when they didn’t adapt to digital during that revolution. Reach out to DetaiLED® Solutions or explore the website at and find out how we can help!

DetaiLED® Solutions is an LED video display supplier that provides our clients with turnkey customized solutions tailored to suit the specific design needs of each project. We implement a wide range of products and services to create the absolute “best fit” for the job. Our exclusive manufacturer partnerships, local service centers, and diverse team experience allow us to engineer and install dependable solutions for every project.

With over 100 years of combined leadership experience in the LED display industry, we understand the importance of providing a people-focused approach for all of our clients. Our team has been trained to get the most out of the available technology with equipment that’s easy to operate and fits your design. Over the years we have installed a wide range of displays including theatre backdrops, E-Sports arenas, TV studios, interactive exhibits, outdoor marquees, custom-shaped logos and plenty of eye-catching displays for Fortune 500 companies.

Visit to learn more.



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