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Start Fresh

Renovating for Luxury and Corporate Real Estate


Start Right

Design and technology were once superfluous to business. In 2023, it is a necessity. With more emphasis on mental health and self-care, residents, workers, and businesses are focusing on how to reduce stress and promote well-being.

Start Experiencing


Start Caring

Our priorities are shifting. Instead of focusing on personal consumption, consumers are also weighing their environmental impact. Re-commerce is now a mainstream idea: Take the old and renovate. By retrofitting and updating existing spaces, investors have the opportunity to save on construction costs, increase ROI to an existing structure, and create a historical presence. 

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Start Connecting

Since social distancing and a shift in media consumption, more people are spending time alone. Work from home arrangements, decisions to remain childless, and reduced marriage rates, in conjunction with increased use of social media, indicate that more people spend their time isolated from other people. Facilitating a sense of connection is important to the human psyche and falls under the category of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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