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Confidential Client

Our confidential client needed a new reception desk, operating as a prominent wealth management company.


Hudson Yards, NY


ESI, Diversified, & Dimentional


1.9 - 3.9 mm

Confidential Client

Our Private Client operates as a prominent wealth management company, often referred to as "the bank of banks." For their reception desk at their NYC headquarters, the Client tasked DetaiLED™ with building a bespoke curved display intended to harmonize with a composite of acrylic and wood veneer elements.

The project required the integration of three distinct pixel pitches. Behind the wood veneer, a 3.9mm display was used. For the acrylic veneer, a 2.6mm pitch display was used. Culminating the presentation, DetaiLED™ meticulously incorporated a 1.2mm fine pitch display for the terminal end caps.

This project was tailored specifically to the Client's prerequisites, with DetaiLED™ facilitating a close-knit collaboration with fabrication company, Dimensional. The resulting work exemplifies precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Some of the challenging aspects to this project was blending content across three different pixel pitch products to create a seamless viewing experience. Because the spacing and size differences in pixels changes the way the content displays, the mapping requires precision to present as intended.

Aside from blending the displays, the panels themselves had to fit to exact specifications to fit with the acrylic and wood veneers. The Client had prerequisite designs for their reception desk display and needed LED panels that would be able to fit the requirements. DetaiLED™ had to work with fabrication designers at Dimensional to complete the project and ensure a perfect alignment.

The expert team at DetaiLED™ worked closely with contractors to make sure all displays worked in sync with each other and with the content map. With precision, the DetaiLED™ team was able to ensure seamless viewing with all the different pitch sizes.

DetaiLED™ also worked on factory tests on location with Dimensional to make sure all panels lined up properly. The fabrication company worked with the DetaiLED™ team to make sure all fittings and schematics had a secure and tight fit, without causing damage to the LED panels or having to compromise display.

The end project is a breathtaking geometric design that guides visitors from the entrance of the building lobby into a storied hall featuring facts and history about the Client. The project features a blend of curved panels with right angle displays and a unique alternating design between content and materials. The overall marriage of materials gives the whole project a modern design with clean lines, bright colors and lighting, and sense of motion.

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